Nandelle Hair
Photography by Laura Ferreira

Nandelle, full name Nandelle Cilenia Cameron, is a singer, songwriter, producer and guitarist. The independent artiste hails from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. She is a tall athletic figure that sports beautiful long dreadlocks – an appearance that is only a hint of the uniqueness that lies within. Her style varies from high tempo to emotional sounds that resonate deeply with the soul. Her music captures the spirit of new age Caribbean Music, a style that she describes as Island Pop.

Nandelle has released her début EP which includes her début single ‘Hercules’. This song is a playful poke at the trend of viral musical successes. The tune itself is a funny and silly depiction of the trials of young musicians and the challenge of finding the right combination of factors to get that big break. Many a musician and listener would agree with the ‘Hercules’ lyrics that say, “You have to sing some SH** to make it in music today”. Following ‘Hercules’, Nandelle is intent on displaying her many moods with a single that will slow down the pace to sexy. ‘Stolen Glances’, another song featured on the EP, contrasts her début track by being both seductive and sultry. These songs are available for free on her SOUNDCLOUD account. Hercules already has a music video that caught over 4000 views. Her debut EP ‘Who is Nandelle’ (W.I.N.) along with the Island Pop branding showcases Nandelle’s variety by including a blend of alternative dance, electronic punk and Soca music.

Nandelle began writing and producing music at age fourteen at her home in Diamond Vale, Trinidad. She moved to Jefferson City Missouri in 2006 to attend Lincoln University on a Track and Field scholarship. There she was able to juggle the rigours of finding herself as a musician and being a student athlete, all while maintaining a 4.0 Grade Point Average. She would then graduate as Valedictorian in December 2009. The singer returned to Trinidad in 2010 and since then has performed at various clubs, exhibitions and made appearances on Television. Most notable are performances at the Amnesia Night Club, The Buddha Lounge at the Zen Night Club, Alice Yard and MovieTowne. In 2016 as Nandelle prepares to take her music career to another level, she has taken on a manager and added a DJ to her team to compliment her vocals on stage.

2016 is going to be an exciting year for Nandelle. Backed with high quality production and solid composition, the sky’s the limit for this distinctive performer. Be sure to listen for that Nandelle sound on your airwaves and look out for her face on the cover of a magazine near you. Feel free to browse www.nandelle.com and stay connected via Twitter or Facebook for more.

“Entertain existence with greatness. – Nandelle”